What We Do

MJ Home is committed to helping Kiwis find a place that they can call home and live a better and healthier lifestyle. To achieve this, we develop, upgrade, and maintain our properties to meet the Healthy Home Standards set out by the government and offer long-term rentals. Unlike land bankers or property flippers that may not have their tenants’ living conditions in mind, our number one priority is to ensure that our client is always satisfied with our rental properties. We make no compromise in ensuring that the property our client rent is always up to standards.

We believe that every Kiwi, no matter how young or old should have a warm and comfortable place that they can happily call home.

Long-Term Rental

We set out to provide Kiwis with high-quality properties to rent so they have a place to call “home”. What makes us different from other residential developers? Is that our focus is on providing long term rentals rather than a short term rental or selling the properties despite the running “red hot” market. Our properties are built following the Healthy Home Standard set by the government allowing Kiwis to have warmer and healthier homes contributing to a happier lifestyle.

  • Long Term Stability
  • Modern And Stylish Home
  • Healthier Lifestyle

Property Upgrade & Maintenance

What set us apart from others is that at MJ Home, our focus is on quality of living. Our services are not only maintaining existing properties and ensuring that they meet the right standards, but also upgrade existing properties to ensure that it provides our clients with a warm and healthy environment to live in. We take pride in all our properties and guarantee that none will be subpar. If you would like to contribute into providing healthy living homes by selling your property, get in touch with us today.

  • Meet Healthy Home Standards
  • Experienced Craftmanship
  • No Compromise